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Nowadays, people are very skeptical of any kind of money making scheme, "There's no such thing as getting rich quick", "You have to work for it like everybody else, or win the lottery."

The fact is, most get-rich-quick-schemes are a waste of time and effort. Usually the only people who get rich are the people at the top of the pyramid. In a way, most of the businesses are just other dictatorship rat races and most are designed to put people under the delusion they have an advantage if they join.

So what choice do you have, try scheme after scheme trying to escape the rat race? What else can you do?

Well, most people want to escape the rat race. Everyone wants financial freedom and contentment. Most people don't want to get up in the morning and go to work day after day in a boring job that makes someone else rich. There must be something else, right?

The problem with both get-rich-quick schemes and the daily grind is that you are not in control. If you really did have control, would you be in this situation, a slave to the system? If you really were in control, wouldn't you have everything you wanted?

Ask yourself how much you want financial freedom and success. If you really do want it, why are you relying on someone else's enterprise or idea to bring you financial freedom and success?

Granted, you can achieve limited success and gratification working for someone else. But if you want mega-success, you need to be an entrepreneur. It's the only way. There's no point in relying on luck or even just working hard to get you where you want to be. You need to take control and make it happen.

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as someone who has the skills and initiative to establish a business. That's a self-made person. Not someone who made it rich off other people's efforts with someone else's enterprise. Don't you want to create your own world of success?

We strongly advise seeking out some kind of business venture of your own for maximum results. However, everything we talk about here can be applied to your current job. You don't need to go through the difficult process of setting up a business just yet. You can start improving your career right now and get experience of being a mini-entrepreneur at the same time!

Almost every job has the potential to be expanded into its own mini-business within the company where you work. The rewards are satisfaction, excitement, and very possibly promotions. You will shine like a beacon to management when your productivity goes up, when you easily handle many more responsibilities, and when your efficiency sky-rockets. The figures will speak for themselves, and management can't fail to notice.

Getting rich and escaping the rat race requires one vital ingredient. Of course, you need ambition, drive and a passion for what you're doing, but these are pre-requisites. You're not going to get anywhere without these. Yet, there is one other, less known requirement that is fundamental.

Introduction to Self Authority

Most people are conditioned to follow a set of procedures in their job. They react to things that happen in the workplace but rarely are they proactive.You need to break away from this following-others, reactive mindset.

You might think that without authority, you are unable to advance in your job, as you're unable to make changes or take the initiative. Don't let any excuses become an obstacle to your growth. You can always make suggestions to your bosses. The point is that you should always be looking for opportunities to make suggestions. Whether you're allowed to work on them or not is irrelevant.

Whatever your political standpoint, there is nothing stopping you from developing self-authority within yourself - right now. Whether you agree with the premise of self-rule as a political base or not, it will always be better to separate yourself from the control and guidance of the government, media, and academia.

There is a new breed of people waking up and breaking away from the follow-the-herd mindset. People that claim self-authority for themselves don't wait for anyone else to tell them what to do or how to think. Self-authoritarians look at things objectively and come to their own conclusions rather than blindly following the mob. They look to themselves for ideas, direction, self-esteem and power.

It is better to be this type of person in order to succeed in the forthcoming era. Avoiding external guidance and control is absolutely essential to getting ahead of the competition. In most, if not all cases, following and relying on the direction and control from anyone else will only hold you back and slow you down in your own progress.

Being a follower also allows people with self-authority to take advantage of you. To develop your own self-authority you must first: become aware of your self-authority, and second: practice self-authority constantly. Be aware of when you are not thinking for yourself.

When you're first made aware of what self-authority really is, you will be amazed at how much you follow other people's lead. Learn to be constantly aware of when you are taking things at face value - that is believing anything that is told to you, or following someone else's lead. Then, make a conscious effort to make your own decisions.

But what does this have to do with escaping the rat race, success, and getting rich?,

By being your own authority, you will develop initiative, motivation, productivity, control, a competitive edge, ideas, and far-reaching goals. These in turn can bring you immense success in business.

By developing self-authority, you will develop initiative. This will allow you to become aware of what needs doing and then you will take immediate action to do it. Look at what problems need solving in your workplace or in an area that interests you and just do it - solve the problems. Most people don't take the initiative. So, by taking initiative, you will have an immediate advantage over your co-workers. You will get things done. You will be productive. And since they are all jobs you have uncovered and take immediate action with, you will have control of the situation.

Also, by using the implication tree method, you can uncover problems before they even happen, giving you even more of an advantage. Rest assured, there is no shortage of problems to be solved, whether it's in your workplace or in the marketplace. Your initiative and looking ahead will reveal these problems to you as you work.

These problems, or rather the solutions to them are better known as business opportunities.

Business problems are the source of your business success.

With the help of your imagination, you will be able to think of creative, marketable solutions to problems. This kind of thinking will give you incredible motivation that will turn your life around. You will actually start to enjoy work, whether it's at a work-for-hire job or working in your own business enterprise.

The satisfaction that comes from a business-orientated job will blow your mind wide open with enjoyment. You will no longer be stuck in a routine rut because you will be making things happen. You will be using your imagination, one of the biggest motivational tools of all. This will cause ideas to flow through your head like enriching water, piecing together more opportunities for other jobs and advantages. The motivational intensity of these jobs will keep you focused, make you feel alive, and bring incredible satisfaction.

This productivity will allow you to be super-competitive against either rival companies or other people who may be after that same promotion. You will be unstoppable, and most of all, you will probably love it. Now, imagine if everyone was in that frame of mind.

Let's summarize those main points.

  1. Self-authority and initiative help you find problems, in other words: business opportunities.
  2. Problems and opportunities help to fuel your imagination.
  3. Imagination fuels creativity.
  4. Creativity fuels motivation.
  5. Motivation fuels productivity.
  6. Productivity and Creativity breed success

Beware of get rich schemes. They are typically a waste of your precious time and money. If you want mega-success, you need to be an entrepreneur. We strongly advise seeking out some kind of business venture of your own for maximum results.

Yet, you can start improving your career or current job right now and get experience of being a mini-entrepreneur at the same time! Take the initiative. Taking the initiative can increase your value to your business by getting things done and even discovering new opportunities to enhance the business. Almost every job has the potential to be expanded into its own mini-business within the company where you work.

To achieve a powerful mindset, become your own authority and apply that to your entire life.

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