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Bedwetting is something that many children experience. Although it can be frustrating for the parent, especially when it comes time to do the laundry, bedwetting is quite common and most children will eventually outgrow it. However, there are some child bedwetting solutions you can try if you don't want to wait for that to happen.

One thing that it is important to remember when dealing with a child who wets the bed is that it is not their fault. Children do not intentionally refuse to go to the bathroom so that they can have the experience of lying in a puddle for the rest of the night. Most children who wet the bed do so because they simply do not wake up when they have the urge to go. This could be because they sleep too deeply or because the urge is simply not strong enough to wake them.

One thing that can help reduce nighttime accidents is to cut down on the amount of beverages that are consumed in the evening. If there is less in the bladder, it is more likely that the child will make it through the night without wetting.

Bedwetting alarms are very helpful at combating nighttime accidents. These alarms are designed to sense liquids. As soon as the child starts to go, the alarm goes off and wakes the child. Then the child can get out of bed and go use the restroom. Sometimes a child will sleep so soundly that the alarm does not wake them up. In that case, a parent may have to wake the child by gently shaking him until he starts waking on his own.

Although bedwetting alarms are not terribly expensive, there is a cheaper option. That is to use an alarm clock to wake the child. The alarm clock can't wake the child exactly at the time he or she has to go to the bathroom, but it can help the child get used to waking in the middle of the night and that can result in shallower sleep, which over time makes it easier for the child to be awakened by his body's signals when he has to go to the bathroom.

If these methods don't work, there is also medication available that can help children to stop bedwetting. This medication must be prescribed by a doctor, so a doctor's visit is necessary. It is a good idea to visit a doctor anyhow if bedwetting is persistent, just to rule out any illnesses that may be causing the problem.

You can try these child bedwetting solutions to help your child stop wetting the bed. If one thing doesn't work, keep experimenting until you find something that helps your child. Different children respond to different things. If none of these solutions help your child, don't despair. Almost all children outgrow bedwetting eventually.

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