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A lot of people pay attention to astrology predictions. whether it is western, Chinese, vedic or any other branch, astrology is considered a significant part of many people's lives. As an expert in Chinese astrology, I tried to examine how people react to certain predictions (good or bad). I would like to say a few words about how to interpret any astrology prediction.

Most people who read astrology predictions or consult astrologers make the same mistake. They let astrology and astrologers guide them and rule their lives. Most of all, they stick to what astrologers say without adding their own personal touch, their own interpretation.

Astrology is all about perception, luck and energy. For example, what I am trying to do when I calculate predictions is to find out how energy is divided among the 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope. Then I rank the animals from the most lucky to the least lucky. This is according to my point of view though.

Let's say you read my predictions. This is really important. No matter how lucky or unlucky you are, it's you who will decide how to use the energy (luck) you receive. It's you who will choose what to do with your life. Don't be sad if you don't receive a lot of energy now. Also, be wise and careful if you receive a lot of energy. What I mean is that no matter how much energy you receive you can make the best out of it.

All you have to do is use your imagination. You should find your own positive way to interpret what you read. A way that fits your personality because everyone is different. You are unique. You must also know that everything happens for a reason and you must accept it. It will help if you make positive thoughts full of light. Simply abide in the right.

A friend of mine once asked me about how to find solutions in her life. She asked whether the stars and the gods favor her. My answer was that astrology and predictions are there for motivational and inspirational purposes. It's you and your choices that will make the difference. It's your perception that can change everything!

    Here's an example of my prediction:
  1. Animal/Sign: Horse
  2. Work issues:*
  3. Love issues:***
  4. Social issues:*****
  5. Spiritual issues:*
  6. Body issues:***
  7. Ranking:Last

I have selected five important parts of a person's life (work,love,social, spirit, body). Then I tried to calculate the amount of energy a sign will receive in each of the five parts. One star (*) means the least amount of energy while five stars (*****) means a lot of energy. Then I sum the energy from all five parts. Then, I compare the sums for all animals and rank them form first to last. The prediction above is just for one of the 12 animals, the Horse.

Let's try to interpret this sample prediction:

You Rank Last. What does this mean? According to my prediction system you will receive the least amount of energy (luck). Why? Should you be disappointed? No way! There must be a good reason for that. Maybe it's not the right time to receive the energy. Maybe you don't need a lot of energy right now (?). I don't know. Maybe God is testing you for some reason.

It's not necessarily a good thing to receive a lot of energy. It is not a bad thing to receive the least amount of energy. Why? Because, there's no good and bad my friend. It's all about perception. What's good for you may be bad for me. So, ranking last does not mean it's the end of the world. It could mean that you should take your time doing things or something like that. Something positive. It all depends on you!

You have only one star (*) in your work issues. What does this mean? How can you interpret the one star? Again, It's really up to you. Try to be optimistic and think positive. Does it mean that things in work will not turn out well? No way! Please do not even think that. It's totally wrong. It doesn't mean that work issues will have bad results unless you want it to be that way. It doesn't mean that the heaven will fall on your head, that you may lose your job. On the contrary, it may mean that you should use caution when applying for a new job. That you should be extra careful when signing a new contract. I hope you get the point.

You have 3 stars (***) in your Love issues. Here's a way to view this positively. The 3 stars may mean that you are in the middle of positive and negative energy. This is a balanced situation. Believe me, it's where you want to be. You see how positive thinking can work wonders?

Use your imagination to create beautiful thoughts. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I believe he was right. I do not personally know each and every person I calculate predictions for, but I believe in all of them. I believe in the power of their mind. The question though, is whether they believe in themselves or not.

Moving on with the interpretation. Five stars (*****) in your social issues. Does this mean that everything will turn out perfectly well in your social matters? By heavens, no! It's you again who must use this energy (luck) to imagine and create all kinds of wonderful things. If your thoughts are negative how can you expect good things to happen in your social encounters? If you don't think positive and make the right choices, do not expect everything to work out automatically for you. I can't stress this enough. If you don't add your own personal touch to all of this it will never work out for you, it's pointless!

Five stars (*****) in your social issues may mean that this is a great time to make new friends and establish new relationships. It may also mean that you shouldn't get carried away, go over the limits. You know what they say. Luck is like oxygen. You get too much, you get too high, not enough and you will die. Please do not make bad, negative thoughts when reading astrology predictions. Don't do this to yourself. Be positive about everything. You help the entire world apart from yourself of course.

See astrology predictions as a nice tool that can be adapted and customized to fit your personality. Try to work on this customization. What I keep saying to people is that astrology is a great way to be inspired. It's a nice motive to create beautiful thoughts. Don't take everything so seriously though! It's you who rule your life.

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